Tension, games and sexism

Tension, games and sexism

With one click i can now find the address of the herzogenaurach editorial office. If our page had already existed half a year ago, I would not have been lost forever in the area, because infranken had shown me the address of the FT store instead of the editorial address. Because as of today, almost every article shows where the writer is actually located. Where to find the right store. And who to really contact if you have a question about the subscription.

It makes sense – and so does the community, where from now on my esteemed commentators will be able to write great, excitingly written, stringent columns, which I in turn – I promise – will comment on lovingly.

Pink – i love pink!

So in our case, the relaunch was clearly worth it – unlike the u-egg. Ferrero has confused the future with the past and invented pink eggs for girls. I bought three, because before I load, I need to know what's in it. And immediately it's terrible: from the first comes a pink flower ring to make yourself. Waaaah!!! As if the world did not already contain enough pink!

Second egg: a fairy princess to put together. Naturally in pink, how else. Musa is her name, the package insert tells me, and she was born on the planet melody. Untraceable! But then: "I love spicy food and I like to listen to hip hop, R'n'B, jazz, rock and classical music." Oha. What fairies like these days! But I am not really impressed. Because the fee remains what it is: pink. Durr. Sparingly dressed – and a cliche.

And if it's not pink, it's a race car

Then the shock: with the third egg they get me! An incredibly suber ice bar looks at me from the yellow plastic bowl and I suddenly have to start squealing like a little girl and hold the bar in front of everyone's nose. Kind of frustrating. And a fact that I can't let sit on my hands!

I grab the only non-pink egg I have and prove the opposite: normal eggs contain much better toys for sure. But guess what came out. Right: a race car.

Freedom of choice for the boys!

This can be a coincidence. And I'm sure there are plenty of girls who like race cars and therefore continue to buy the non-pink eggs. But therein lies the problem: the girls can not do that. But what about the guys who liked to have a sub looking icebar for their zoo? They can not just buy pink eggs without being down with their friends. This is discrimination! And quite nasty. Because if you take away fee musa's wings (which, by the way, are always falling off anyway) and put her next to the race car, she looks like a pin-up girl.

But since the egg relaunch, such discoveries for boys are no longer possible. And even though feminists will probably contradict me now: I think it's a shame. Because anything is better than pink fairies who later become bitchy fashion monsters and men who think that's okay. And so I can only ask you again: boycott the u-egg relaunch and discover the new infranken instead – totally unpink. As long as they don't click. Promise.

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