The gobweinstein indoor swimming pool is the focus of the carnival season

the gobweinstein indoor swimming pool is the focus of the carnival season

The heib discussed topic indoor swimming pool stood in the center of the carnival revelation. Seven suggestions, which meeting president markus zitzmann-schreiner also presented pictorially, had come up with macht for a future use of the gobweinsteiner bathing temple in rhyming form.
Georg lang, the "etzdorfer almost-landrat, who knows almost nothing, but has heard everything before, who never takes a vacation, but is still rarely there", was also missing this time at the carnival kick-off. The indoor swimming pool could be turned into a skate park, a climbing hall or even a brothel with a peep show for the athletes of SV gobweinstein, macht found. Or a new town hall with a balcony, from which the etzdorfer schorsch can speak to his people. "My people I love me", dear zitzmann-schreiner from the balcony of the cafe sonne. Maybe a miracle will happen and the indoor swimming pool will remain an indoor swimming pool. Then hansi collects the entrance fee and jurgen is the lifeguard. Or the bath is torn down and a new building area is created. The jesters will now announce a competition for ideas for the indoor swimming pool to prevent that it is completely closed from january 2013.

Prince and princess from sachsendorf
Was luftet to the carnival prelude also the secret, who becomes the new gobweinsteiner carnival prince pair of the carnival society narrenubel black and white. There are claudia III. And lenz I., which reign during the carnival season.
Both are 45 years old, live in sachsendorf and have four girls who dance in the various gardens of the narrenkubel. Burgerlich heibt das ehepaar claudia und lorenz wiegartner. Claudia is no longer an unknown quantity in the gobweinstein carnival. She is already a bearer of the highest award of the fastnachtsverband franken, the "till von franken". She began her carnival career 27 years ago as a guard girl, but has also been a member of the chapter of the order and the club's secretary. Today she is still dancing in the women's ballet.
Husband lorenz was previously regarded as more of a "carnival muffin. However, at home in the cosy living room of his fair princess, he proposed to become the prince and princess of gobweinstein. "I never expected that", confesses princess claudia, who is now all the happier to be carnival princess of her hometown gobweinstein for once. Prince lenz I. Is a warehouse clerk at the pottenstein car supplier klubert und schmidt and his princess claudia is the housekeeper for cleanliness at the hotel stempferhof.
"This year nothing will knock me down in the carnival, because I have my complete family around me", rhymed princess claudia during the princes speech and her lenz gave back: "after my five girls are active in the club, I also wanted to be with them."

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