Thompson’s new receive thompson’s old

thompson's new receive thompson's old

It is known that onur thompson will become coach of FC schlaifhausen. The 37-year-old has already had a look at his future squad and is hoping for an FC victory at the walberla festival in the cellar duel with SV hetzles. There thompson was in charge until a few weeks ago. However, the coach does not have to feel any remorse, because the last team in the ER/PEG 2nd division will be joining forces with SV kleinsendelbach in the coming season, who will be the "huns" thus securing league survival.

The future SG has also hired a new director of training, but does not want to disclose the personnel for the sake of his current club. Christoph kehm, who will take over for thompson in the final phase of the season in hetzles and was already coach there from 2013 to 2016, will in any case not be. The 31-year-old leaves the club in summer.

Kreisklasse 2 ER/PEG: FC schlaifhausen (12.) – SV hetzles (16.)

A loose task for schlaifhausen on sunday at 3 p.M. – one would think in view of the class preservation secured by the merger of the gaste with kleinsendelbach. But sv-interim coach kehm does not want to play a statistic role for the respective opponents in the upcoming matches, the last ones as an independent team. In addition, the rivals in the relegation battle, who are all no longer playing against the SV, are hoping for fair play and that the guests will not let themselves be hanged.

Kehm firmly rejects any accusations: "none of my players will give up anything. The commitment and willingness in training clearly show that everyone wants to avoid relegation on a sporting way." Even games that were lost recently were closer than the respective results indicate, explains the poxdorfer: "if we perform like we did in the first half against weilersbach and bring this performance over 90 minutes, we can take points with us. There were only a few grains missing."

With sven allmann and valentin rubner two regulars are missing, but midfielder kehm is fit again after recovering from a horse-foot. Now it is time to score again after ten games without a win. "I told my players loud and clear: a draw won’t do us any good. We want to take a three-peat here and thus gain momentum again for the home straight. Schlaifhausen is currently cracked and beatable. Maybe it’s even good that we play to the walberla-festival. FC has young players who are sure to be up there", the 31-year-old tells with a wink of the eye.

Watches thompson again?

The duel was made more explosive by the transfer of thompson, who threw in the towel at hetzles two and a half weeks ago, and wolfgang "molli" at FC auer’s successor. Good possibility that thompson will follow the game. He was already a guest at the schlaifhausen home game against ATSV forchheim and got his first impression. However, he did not get to know the chocolate side of his future team, which ran headlong and rightly lost 3-0.

Only a short time ago, the table situation seemed to be suitable for a happy ending for auer, who was retiring after two seasons. For a long time it looked as if the distance to the relegation ranks was large enough. But suddenly the doomed score and bring almost half the league in distress. The experienced trainer is caught up in well-known football wisdom. After the final whistle of the 0-1 defeat in eggolsheim on thursday evening, auer grumbled and complained about the course of the game: "when you’re at the back, you’re in deep shit." Preceded by at least a controversial penalty whistle that gave eggolsheim the win. "We were the more active team and had more game shares and chances over 90 minutes. Our shortcoming is that we don’t make enough use of it", analyzed auer.

Tomorrow’s match could be the final game of the season for the walberla players, which, according to auer, has been plagued by injuries right from the start: "in the end, i even needed two oldies: our 43-year-old ‘doc’ reinhard niebler helped out in the defense. In addition, roland meixner, who is one year younger, was in goal a few times because regular keeper patrick farr broke his cheekbone and jaw. We simply have the plague this year." The coach expects at least daniel kremer, tobias lassner and simon weisel, who have been taking a break recently, to be back in the basement duel, but at the same time warns: "anyone who still believes that a victory at the walberla festival is a schlaifhausen law and will happen on its own should not be surprised afterwards."

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