Tokyo’s appeal for the return of the games to japan

Tokyo's appeal for the return of the games to japan

After its olympic premiere in 1964, the 35-million metropolis is also a "safe choice" for the 2020 summer games, argued the makers of team tokyo during their 45-minute closing presentation to the 125. IOC plenary assembly in buenos aires.

Prime minister shinzo abe tried to reassure the 95 voting olympians that the aggravated problems in the fukushima nuclear ruin had no negative consequences for the candidacy. "Let me assure you. The situation is under control. It has never and will never do any harm in tokyo," declared abe, who, like his counterparts from turkey and spain, arrived directly from the G-20 summit in st. Petersburg arrived. The dangerous area in fukushima was limited to a flat of 0.3 square kilometers and was secured.

Japan’s princess takamado opened the emotional presentation of tokyo’s plans and visions. "Give our children something to dream about," she said with an imperial laugh. Tokyo 2020 praised above all its compact sports stadium concept in two zones. 85 percent of the competition venues are within a radius of just eight kilometers of the olympic village.

Tokyo governor naoki inose, who some time ago had to apologize to the IOC for condescending remarks about competitor istanbul, also positioned the bid as a financially secure choice. The candidacy relies on a fixed reserve fund of 4.5 billion dollars. Bid chief masato mizuno also promised members of the international olympic committee (IOC) the "highest TV ratings in olympic history".

"Our case is simple. Vote for tokyo, vote for guaranteed success," japanese IOC member tsunekazu takeda assured his colleagues: "tokyo is the right partner at the right time." The ioc will announce the winner of the three-way competition between tokyo, istanbul and madrid on saturday at 22.00 a.M. German time.

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