Who is the most beautiful?

Who is the most beautiful?

Will one of them be "miss 50plus germany? Three franconians are among the last 20 applicants: erika wolfrum (hof), uta bischoff-sommerfeld (bayreuth) and cheryl ann jones reiche (kreuzwertheim). In the "kitzinger" they introduce themselves.

What does serenity mean to you??

ERIKA WOLFRUM: already comes from look and is the generic term for everything good. So already is not necessarily young. In spring we already find the light green sprout, in autumn the colorful leaf. I’m experiencing something fascinating myself: the older I get, the more positive feedback I receive.

Uta bischoff-sommerfeld: beauty is in any case independent of age. Beauty is a combination of charisma, vitality and aesthetics. It doesn’t matter if you weigh a kilo more than others or have a long nose, if the overall picture is right.

Cheryl ann jones rich: exactly. Also for me beauty is a question of charisma, self-confidence and attitude.

Why they ran for election?

Wolfrum: i’m often asked about my well-toned figure. For young women I am no longer a competitor, but a role model. I am very happy. The miss 50plus election expresses recognition and respect for old age.

Bischoff-sommerfeld: i lost a bet against my friend uschi. She wanted me to apply. So I have?S done.

Jones reiche: I stumbled upon the contest by chance on the internet and found it exciting to participate and meet other women over 50 who feel the same way.

What is your message?

Wolfrum: i want to be an ambassador for old age. I am not an anti-ager, I do not work against age. I am also not a best-ager, because I can not say which age is the best. I am a pro-ager! The latin adjective "alter, altera, alterum" means "different". Life is constantly changing. But what you make of it is often up to you.

Bischoff-sommerfeld: life over 50 can be very good if you realize the possibilities that are now open to you – that’s my message.

Jones reiche: i like to say: beauty has no age! Women over 50 have something special: they radiate wisdom and self-confidence.

Have you ever been reduced to your outer self??

Jones rich: it has happened to me. It’s terrible when people – men or women – only see you and immediately pigeonhole you.

Wolfrum: yes, but it also depends on what you are signalling. When the feminine charms become too obvious, the person behind them can fade away.

Bischoff-sommerfeld: you can still look confident and dress chic and sexy when you’re over 50, but you can’t look cheap.

How much time and money do you invest in your body?? And for mind and soul?

Wolfrum: before i retired, it hit: school first! Now I sometimes jokingly say: erika first! I have turned my study into a dressing room, already organized by color. Now I have time for care, pilates, zumba, running, equipment training, back fitness – that makes fun! I’m also currently knitting myself a fitness outfit out of cotton: pants and a tummy-baring top. I do like to buy nice clothes, eye shadow and nail polish. But I would not spend money on artificial nails. And I was never operated on myself. The best things you don’t have to buy: nature, good air, pure water.

Bischoff-sommerfeld: i think i have found a good balance for myself to keep body and mind fit and healthy. I love to play sports, but I also love to read english and french books. I also play transverse flute in two ensembles.

Jones reiche: i like movement, it’s good for body and soul. Jogging is like meditation for me. I like fashion, but I am not constantly shopping. I like cosmetics, but I would never have botox injected. I like to take care of myself. In the evening it is my little ceremony to take off my makeup and put on lotion already.

Can you look good when you feel really bad??

Bischoff-sommerfeld: people who are close to you can definitely tell when you are not feeling well.

Wolfrum: do you want to look good when you feel really bad?? Maybe there are more important things on your mind, like "how can I get well again??"Jones reiche: makeup and clothing can make a big difference if you have to, but it’s reflected after a while if you’re under pressure or unhappy inside.

Do you have a beauty tip?

Wolfrum: open-mindedness for everything good, true and beautiful! This serves the inner and outer beauty.

Bischoff-sommerfeld: i also believe that the best thing is a combination of internal and external care: good skin care, not smoking, eating lots of fruit, vegetables, nuts and omega-3 fatty acids.

Jones rich: drink a lot of tea and water, eat a balanced diet – even chocolate sometimes. Everything already in maben.

Whatever the outcome of the election…

Bischoff-sommerfeld: …I think it’s just great that i was able to be there and meet interesting people!

Wolfrum: i agree!

Jones reiche: me too!

Miss 50plus germany: voting on friday

The candidates: uta bischoff-sommerfeld is 50 years old, a pharmacist, lives in bayreuth, and has a son. She enjoys sports, playing the flute and likes classical and modern music.

Erika wolfrum from hof is 65 years old and mother of a son. The married, retired teacher likes to knit, exercise in nature, fitness training, swimming and dancing.

Cheryl ann jones reiche grew up in trinidad and tobago, where she studied business and worked in a public relations firm. She moved to germany for love. Today, the 56-year-old mother of one son lives with her second husband in kreuzwertheim, germany. She loves music, golf, reading and jogging.

Final: on friday, 25. October, the TV magazine rtv and the miss germany corporation are curing the most charming woman over 50 in the hotel residence klosterpforte (near gutersloh). The "miss 50plus germany" becomes the 8. Times wanted. 500 women from all over germany applied for the project. 20 women between the ages of 50 and 69 qualified for the final round.

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