Woman fell into the depth: mountain rescue bischofsheim with on the scene

woman fell into the depth: mountain rescue bischofsheim with on the scene

During the rescue, the bischofsheim mountain rescue team was also called upon, says michael will, press spokesman for the BRK hassberge. The 23-year-old had fallen about seven meters while descending from a wall area at the ruins of raueneck castle.

Around 14.50 o’clock, according to the police, the couple had made their way down from the plateau to reach a forest trail. A stone broke off from a wall on a ledge, causing the 23-year-old to fall around seven meters. Her companion immediately climbed to his girlfriend and made an emergency call.

Access over the rough forest roads was somewhat difficult, but rescuers quickly arrived at the scene and provided medical care for the young woman. From there, rescue workers had to descend some 150 meters to the woman via a narrow and steep footpath, carrying an emergency backpack, ECG device, oxygen supply and suction pump. Since it could not be ruled out that the woman had spinal or severe internal injuries, the rescue helicopter christoph 60 was called in. The rescue of the woman also required the assistance of the bischofsheim mountain rescue team, as well as a second rescue helicopter with a winch from nurnberg: "christoph 27".

From the helicopter, the emergency doctor and air rescuers from the mountain rescue team were lowered from a height of 30 meters using the rope winch, with oliver scheuplein (head of operations for the rhon mountain rescue team from bischofsheim) and his colleague daniel hassmuller (mountain rescue operations team from oberelsbach) taking over the ground briefing.

The patient was placed in a mountain bag and pulled up with the air rescue with the rope winch and set down again a few meters further on the plateau of the ruin. The crew of "christoph 60" was waiting there, the 23-year-old was flown to the hospital in bamberg. The young woman suffered injuries to her head and upper body, further injuries to her spine could not be ruled out at the scene of the accident.

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